Winter Market: Sip, Shop, Stroll

November 17th, 2014 1 comment

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is next month! Though, with the way the weather has been in Cleveland the past 5 days, you would think it’s January already. All the snow!

Which also means that it’s time to get on with the Christmas shopping!

This Thursday The Winter Market: Sip, Shop, Stroll event will be taking over Rocky River’s popular Linda Street. The event will be full of lots of Cleveland love!


Over 25 vendors will be participating in the event, along with the Linda Street hosts:

Admission to the event is FREE so grab a friend and get started on your Christmas shopping!

Disclosure: I am friends with the owner of Lather a Salon and was asked to help promote the event. As always, all opinions are my own. I 100% support this event – shop local, my friends!!

Jamberry Winner!

November 10th, 2014 2 comments

The winner of the Jamberry giveaway is:

#4 – Paula!!

Congratulations, Paula! An email is headed your way….. :)

And if you didn’t win, please note that you can request a FREE sample from Kim! Simply click this link and complete the form and Kim will mail out your free sample ASAP.


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A Fun Giveaway: Jamberry!

November 5th, 2014 22 comments

Jamberry Nails are all the craze right now. I’ve been seeing them all over Facebook and Instagram.

So when Kim sent me a message and asked if I’d like to try them out in exchange for sharing them on the blog I said a quick Yes!

I have to be honest and say I was a little worried. I had tried out the sticker nails you can buy from CVS in the past and they were such a hassle. They took forever to apply and then they peeled off too easy.

But, these were a breeze!


I’m not even lying when I say how easy these were to apply. Even to my toes! I just watched a quick You Tube tutorial and went to town. I was done in less than 10 minutes.


Cute, right? And they lasted almost a month! I actually had to repaint my fingernails because they wore out before the Jamberry stickers did.

I actually would use these all the time for accent nails. I really love the holiday options and fun prints they offer!

Which is what I’m offering to one of you!


I have a set of Pumpkin Spice and Let It Snow to give away:

1. Leave a comment.
2. Tweet about the giveaway, mentioning both my blog and Kim’s Jamberry Site (and leave a comment letting me know you tweeted!).

The giveaway will be open until Monday, November 10th – good luck!

Please feel free to check out Kim’s site for more designs and to place an order. They’d be a great stocking stuffer!

Kim gifted me with a free sheet of wraps in exchange for blogging and the giveaway – all thoughts are my own, as always.

Fall Brawl 2014

October 30th, 2014 3 comments

This post is way overdue!

I just have so many thoughts about this day that it’s hard to put into words (without putting you all to sleep!).

The short story is I did pretty well, the long story is that I had to work my ass off to get there. Basically climb my way out of a hole. Like, a hole 20ft deep.


I knew the chipper wod wasn’t going to be my jam. But I also didn’t think it would crush my soul like it did, either! I let it get to me that I was in a heat with girls way better than me and couldn’t let it go when everyone else was onto the snatches and I hadn’t even finished my toes to bar yet.


It was extremely humbling.


No one around. Just poor old Heather jumping by herself. lol.

I literally placed 43/46 on this wod. Since my goal was to stay in the middle (high 20’s/low 30’s), I was pretty much a straight up bitch for about an hour following this. Ha.

Luckily my friend knocked some sense into me (man, she put up with a lot!) before the next 2 wods.


I’m not usually a huge fan of lifting wods, but I kinda loved this one.


Lifting heavy weights has never been my jam, but I held my own (36/46)!

I don’t have any pictures of the 3rd wod, but I placed best in this one (25/46). It was the one that kept me in the game! :)

And last but not least was my favorite of them all.


(getting ready to start)

I LOVE to row.


I LOVE to run.


So put them together and I’m looking at dark chocolate and almond butter (basically, the perfect match)!

I placed 31/46 for this one and ended up 36th overall. Almost right where I wanted to be! If it hadn’t been for that first wod………ugh. BUT I came out of it knowing my “new normal” and what I need to work from here on out. It was a humbling and awesome experience. One I’d definitely do again!

It was also a very emotional day. Started low, ended high (luckily it wasn’t the other way around!). Besides just me, I was happy and sad and excited for my friends, too – so many emotions! Sometimes I think that was way harder to handle than the actual workouts. But, that’s a girl for you — all the emotions, all the time. :)

When pushes you to reach a “new normal”?

Six Years

October 26th, 2014 6 comments

Saturday was our six year anniversary.


I can honestly say with 100% certainty that our wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life.

There was so much fun and love that day – and I’d like to think that we’re pretty much the same people today than we were six years ago!

So to celebrate we decided to escape social media for the weekend and just enjoy each other’s company.

We took a walk in the metro parks:


Watched C play his last soccer game of the season:


And ate and drank some of our favorite foods!



It was a weekend of enjoying each other. Just me and Jay. Six years. Still going strong. I think this means he’s stuck with me. :)


What did you do this weekend? Were you able to get out and enjoy the weather like we did??


October 17th, 2014 5 comments

So, it’s Friday morning at 6am. I have the day off work – a day to SLEEP IN – and instead of sleeping I’m on this damn computer. I just can’t sleep!



It’s been a rough week. I haven’t been on my game. And I’ve had trouble sleeping all week. It’s not like me.

Does anyone else experience this? I would think with the extra stress I’ve had this week that I’d sleep like a baby!

I guess I’m a worrier by nature, always have been, but it’s never affected me like this before.

In any case, THANK YOU for the nice wishes and good lucks for tomorrow’s Crossfit competition. The wods are out and, like usual, there are some things I’m good at and some things I’m not. It is what it is at this point. All I can do tomorrow is go and exercise – exercise fast. :)

Have a great weekend! Doing anything fun? Will you be exercising this weekend?

On Fear

October 14th, 2014 6 comments

We’re all afraid of something. Some fears are bigger than others.

For instance, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been afraid of the dark. Like, crazy, ridiculously afraid.

Funny story:

I used to be a manager at McDonald’s from high school through college. When I would have to open in the mornings (like 4:30am!) – so I would turn the outside light on, literally RUN to my car, back it up to the side door of the house, leave the car running and reach in the house to turn the light back off (no way was Dad letting me leave the light on!), and then get back in my car to leave. Such a process!!! And, to be honest, I still get anxiety leaving in the morning for work now! Luckily we have a motion detector light, but even with that I still panic (especially if the light is on already before I walk outside – I mean, who was there that it turned on????). Of course, it is probably an animal, or the wind, but I’m always convinced it’s a burglar or rapist.

In any case, besides being afraid of the dark, I have one other big fear: FAILING.

It’s the thing that holds me back. It’s the thing that keeps me from challenging myself. It’s the thing that keeps me from trying.

The reason I bring this up is because I have a big crossfit competition coming up this weekend. I’m not sure I’m ready. And I’m terrified of failing. Which makes me worry that I will hold myself back and second guess my every move and, in return, not push myself to my full ability.

So, I keep telling myself two things:

  1. Do your best! It’s all you can do. And you’re only competing against yourself.
  2. Have fun! I crossfit because it’s fun – so if I can’t have fun what’s the point.

It’s been almost a year since my last competition so we’ll see what happens this weekend.


Wish me luck!!

What is your biggest fear??

My Fall Wish List

October 2nd, 2014 7 comments

Since Summer went by so fast and I didn’t get to do a lot of the things I wanted to, I’m making myself a list for Fall. A Fall Wish List, you might say. :)

Go apple picking.


I mean, it’s been too long. WAY too long.



Considering last year was my first ever tailgate, I have many many years to make up for!

Go hiking with the boys and dogs.


We did this last year and it was so much fun. This one is a must.

Carve pumpkins.


Not sure why we didn’t do it last year, but the boys like to get creative with their pumpkins so I hope the tradition picks back up this year.

Bake an apple pie.


I have to say. I make a damn good apple pie. But the last time I made one was in 2010!! That’s a problem that needs remedied asap.

What’s on your Fall Wish List??

Things I’m Not Loving Right Now

September 30th, 2014 4 comments

Normally everyone (including me) writes posts about what they ARE loving. So, instead, I decided to switch up (crazy, right?) and post about what I’m NOT loving right now.

1. The Ray Donovan finale.



I love me some Ray Donovan (mmmm….he’s so sexy), and the entire season was fantastic. But the finale left something to be desired. Everything just seemed to wrap up a little to easy. Am I wrong here? Did I miss something?

2. Lipstick. Yes, just lipstick. Normally I LOVE lipstick – especially in the summer – I adore a hot pink link! But now with the weather changing I’m just not into it. Maybe I just need a new color? Any suggestions?

3. Rain. I hate the rain. And, obviously, it’s raining this week, which is why it’s on my list. People drive slower when it rains, we don’t run outside at Crossfit when it rains, and no patio dinners when it rains!




For anyone who watches the show, this one speaks for itself. This season is such a bummer with Theresa and the legal troubles and Amber is just a train wreck. Ladies, you’re killing me. Oy.

Tell me, what are you not loving right now??

I’m Running!

September 18th, 2014 6 comments

I know, crazy right? :)

I mean, I still run at Crossfit. In fact, I LOVE the wods when we get to run!

But I haven’t been running outside of Crossfit. I can’t really even remember the last time I just went for a run for the heck of it. It’s definitely been awhile.

Until a few weeks ago. I laced up my new running shoes, courtesy of JD Sports, and hit the metro parks with my favorite workout partner.


I’ve never really been an Adidas girl, but these shoes are like walking on clouds! I’m so used to my flat Crossfit shoes now that these are quite the treat on my feet. :)

It’s been fun running in the metro parks on Sunday mornings. I forgot how peaceful it is and how it makes me happy to say hi to all the other runners.

I’ll wear these to Crossfit, too, but only during running wods that don’t include any lifting. I wore them for “Jerry” (1 mile run, 2,000m row, 1 mile run) and they were awesome. I can’t complain.


I don’t necessarily jump out of bed Sunday mornings to run, but I definitely love the feeling when I’m done. Gotta love that runners high!

What is your favorite running shoe? Are you loyal to one brand?

A special thanks to JD Sports for offering me a pair of shoes in exchange for blogging. As always, everything written is my own opinion!