Adidas micoach Review

July 10th, 2014 2 comments

I was lucky enough to receive the new Adidas micoach heart rate monitor (HRM) to try out and review.


I used to be an avid HRM user. I never worked out without it! But then the battery went dead and I guess I was just too lazy to get it replaced. :)

But this HRM is different. There’s no watch, just a FREE app you download onto your phone and that’s it. From their website:

When combined with the miCoach Mobile App it turns your smartphone into your own personal trainer, with real-time voice coaching and tracking features.


They aren’t kidding! Besides tracking your heart rate and calories, there is someone coaching you along. Like, your phone is actually talking to you! I used it once for a short run to test out this feature and it’s really really cool. And when I wore it for Crossfit (results above are from a hard Crossfit day!) it just worked like a normal heart rate monitor.

I think this is the way to go with a HRM – it works for every type of exercise!

How about you? Do you wear a heart rate monitor when you workout?

A HUGE thanks to Verizon Wireless for offering to let me try out the Adidas micoach heart rate monitor! I’m not keeping the device and all thoughts are 100% my own.

Scenes From The Weekend, 32

July 8th, 2014 2 comments

Man, what a nice long weekend we had. I didn’t want it to end!

Since C was at camp last week, Jay and I spent a day biking our way to lunch and around the city. I love living in a bike friendly city/neighborhood!

The three of us rode our bikes down to Edgewater Live:


Every Thursday evening in the summer there are food trucks, live music, and tons of people down at Edgewater – the atmosphere is great!


We spent time at the park enjoying perfect weather and wearing out the pups.


And Jay and I had our first kid-free 4th of July. So instead of watching fireworks with thousands of strangers, we headed to the wine bar instead.


America. The land of sausage pizza and marshmallow ice cream. Mmmmmm……

The rest of my time was spent either getting my wod on or relaxing on the couch. So much perfectness in my weekend. :)

What did you do for the 4th of July? Anything fun/different?


July 1st, 2014 4 comments

Can I just talk a minute about how yesterday and today were such great training days??

So yesterday we had to row a 5k. Yay! I heart rowing (I’m probably the only one who was excited about this, btw)! But add 90 degree heat with sweat dripping down your arms that you can barely grip the handles on the rower anymore, then it’s not as fun as you remembered. ;)

However, when you PR your time, it’s all worth it!


Heck yeah – my time back in April was 20:48. PR’ing on the rower makes me a happy lady!

Then today we had to retest our 1 rep max strict press. My PR has been 97.5# for over 8 months and tonight I finally hit three digits – 100#! Two and a half pounds might not seem like a lot, but it’s HUGE! #soexcitedaboutthis

And after the press we had to do Fran. Ugh, the dreaded Fran. If you know anything about Crossfit, you know this is THE WOD.

And when I did this workout back in April it was the first time I ever completed it RX (as written):

Thrusters at 65#

So I was terrified.


My thrusters desperately need work, but holy crap – I PR’d by almost 2 and a half minutes just from April!

Life is good in Crossfit land at the moment, guys. However, that could change tomorrow. Ha. But for tonight I’m reveling in my #PR’sAllDay!

What’s good in your training world right now?

Scenes From The Weekend, 31

June 30th, 2014 8 comments

I’m loving the summer right now. I think this past weekend was one of my favorites ever!

We had dinner out on Hodge’s patio Friday night with my most favorite people in the entire world:


Seriously, my most bestest friends EVER.

We set up our new (to us) patio furniture (thanks, Mom & Dad!):


And then proceeded to grill chicken kebobs to perfection:


Jay and I each got sweaty in our own ways:



Hahaha, that cycling gear gets me every time. (love you, Babe!) :)

And ended the weekend with a quick trip to Lululemon and Sunday night family time.


In love with the new flower prints!

Life is good right now, guys. Life is good.

What’s your favorite thing to grill in the summer? Mine is definitely kebobs. And corn on the cob. :)

What’s Your Passion?

June 26th, 2014 4 comments

There’s this running joke in our house about Jay and his beer obsession. Well, I call it an obsession – he calls it his “passion”. :)

  • Obsession = the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
  • Passion = any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate

Sound pretty similar to me!

But I guess I’d interpret this to mean obsession is a need, something you can’t live without, whereas passion is a want, something you love. Maybe obsession is the negative component of passion even?


Jay’s two “passions” = Crossfit and beer (the perfect picture of the two – ha).

All this talk made me question what my passions are:

  • Lululemon?
  • Family?
  • Crossfit?
  • Running?
  • Baking/Cooking?
  • Cleveland?

These are all my favorite things, but are they my passion?


YES to family, Crossfit, and baking. My three favorite things in the whole world. Three things I can’t live without – three things that inevitably make me happy and fulfilled.


Even when chopping the onions make me cry and my mascara run! lol

And even when a wod crushes my soul.


I still LOVE those three things with all my heart. And I’m pretty sure I always will.

So, yes, they are definitely my passions, not obsessions (even if I’m a little obsessed with Crossfit since it quite often dominates my thoughts – hehehe).


What is your passion(s)??

Scenes From The Weekend, 30

June 23rd, 2014 5 comments

When the boy’s are away, mom gets to play!

With Jay at his annual golf outing and C at his dad’s for the weekend, I was a free bird!

So I did all the things I like to do: family time, crossfit time, and friend time. :)

I spent time with my family at the Captain’s game Friday night:


Luckily we hung in there through the rain because it ended up being a perfect night!


I spent time at my favorite sweaty place with my favorite sweaty people:


And spent time with one of my favorite friends:


We met up for a day of shopping, mimosa’s, and ice cream.


Can’t beat it!


A weekend full of favorites!

What would be in your weekend of favorites??


June 18th, 2014 7 comments

Sunday mornings are my favorite. They always have been, but now I live for them!

Sunday = rest day.

Which means I get to sleep in, or if I don’t sleep in I at least get to wake up on my own time. No alarm!

I LOVE spending a quiet morning with the family.


We hang out, walk the pups, ride bikes and catch up after a busy week.



How times have changed.

Since I used to spend my Sunday mornings like this:




And while I still enjoy a good run (a short run!), I much prefer my lazy family-filled Sunday mornings. No more are the days with crazy early wakeup times to go and run for 2 hours.

How do you like to spend your Sunday morning??

Scenes From The Weekend, 29

June 16th, 2014 5 comments

This past weekend was dedicated to the men in my life!

Jay and C went to visit Jay’s family in Pittsburgh Friday and Saturday. They got to watch Jay’s niece kick butt in her karate tournament AND visit Jay’s dad for Father’s Day. #winwin


I wish I could have been there!

Then Sunday was full of Jay’s favorite things.

A new golf bag:


Beer and ice cream:




And father/son time:


And lucky for me, I got to spend time with all my favorite men (well, minus my father-in-law)!


What did you do to celebrate the men in your life this weekend?

2014 Challenge Nation Race

June 12th, 2014 4 comments

This past Saturday four of us participated in Cleveland’s Challenge Nation Race.


It was Amazing Race style. We were given the clues, a 3-2-1 countdown, and then we were off!

And I have to be honest, some of the clues weren’t very easy to figure out!


These were the hints posted on Facebook the night before. Not very helpful. lol

But once we pulled it together, we were able to put together a game plan. :)

Here are some shots:






I think one of the hardest tasks was finding an old-school blue mailbox to take a picture with (within running distance)!


The the whole challenge took us a little less than an hour and a half, and I think we covered about 3 to 4 miles? But it was such a beautiful day and a fun race! I would do this again and again!

Would you like to be on the Amazing Race? I think it would be awesome, but I’m not sure it would be a good idea for me and Jay to be partners. Ha, we try to avoid stressful situations like that – it’s why we’re still happily married. :)

Disclosure: I was provided with 2 free entries to this race, along with 2 free entries to give away in exchange for promoting and blogging about the race. As always, all thoughts are my own.

Running For Hope 5k – GIVEAWAY!

June 10th, 2014 7 comments

Ready for another race giveaway (it’s definitely that time of year!)??

The Running For Hope 5k is on Saturday, June 28th in Avon Lake. This annual race benefits and supports Love Without Boundaries.


You can register online here. Pre-registration is $20 for adults and $10 for kids! Race day registration and packet pickup begins at 6:45am and the race starts at 9am (great time!).

For more information, you can visit the race website.

But the top prize this year is a $100 gift card to Red, the Steakhouse/Moxie! The race organizers are working hard to bring the runners extra special surprises for race morning, so join the fun and win a FREE ENTRY to the race right here:

  1. Leave a comment telling me if you prefer to race on Saturday or Sunday mornings.
  2. Follow both me and @LoveWB on Twitter and leave me a comment telling me so.
  3. Tweet “I want to race the Running for Hope 5k to benefit @LoveWB – win an entry from @heatha262!″ and leave me a comment telling me you tweeted.

You can tweet once a day until noon on this Friday, June 13th for extra entries.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was provided a free race giveaway in exchange for promoting the race.  Due to other obligations, I turned down the opportunity to run but still wanted to offer one of you an entry!