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10 Snowy Miles

January 17th, 2011 28 comments

Every Sunday night I feel like the weekend has just flown by. Sometimes I feel like I was productive, but today is not one of those days. The only productive thing I did this weekend was run 10 miles this morning. And not even a real good 10 miles because I was running in this:


See that snow and ice covered trail? Yeah……..not so fun.

I ran with one of Colin’s friend’s moms this morning. Turns out we run really great together!


She ran the first 5 miles with me and then I finished the last 5 solo.

Despite the snow, I was really warm until I had to make a bathroom stop. Then the hand that I took my glove off of would not warm up. I had to keep clenching my hand into a fist and shaking it around to get blood flow into my fingers. I was actually a little worried I was going to have to run the last 5 miles that way (it’s very distracting/annoying). Luckily the sun was out and I think it helped finally warm it up around mile 8 or so.

Our first two miles were SLOW as we adjusted to the snow and ice, but we eventually got into a groove and I was happy with 6 out of the 10 miles.


Not my best, but I’ll take it.


(I think I have raccoon eyes in every morning run picture from my makeup from the night before!!)

Btw, check out my new Garmin wrist strap:

DSC_0223.JPG DSC_0222.JPG

My sis got it for me for Christmas and I finally got to use it. It’s really great except for the fact that I have to take the pin out where the strap attaches to the watch every time I connect it to the computer. It’s a serious pain and horrible design! But I love the velcro so I’m going to deal with it for now. Do any of you have a velcro Garmin strap that’s easy and simple to use?

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Were you productive?