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Two More Weeks of This?

January 25th, 2011 28 comments

Soooooo……….not sure what I’m talking about? Check it:


Ummmmm, yeah, can’t say I’m proud of it.

But I also can’t say that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I married this man. I mean, one of first time I met most of his friends and family was when we went to Pittsburgh for the 2006 SuperBowl.


Talk about madness. J actually fell off a table while playing air guitar in the middle of the bar that night (not his most proud moment, I’m sure). I seriously think I was the only sober one in the entire city of Pittsburgh (and the only one not wearing black and gold) that night!

Then I had to deal with the craziness all over again in 2009:


Think someone when a little crazy with the yellow face paint???

Luckily no tables were broken that year.

But I was really hoping we were done with the face paint for awhile. No such luck.

Two more weeks of terrible towels, black and gold jerseys, and Steeler talk. Two more weeks. The longest two weeks of my life.

The only bearable part of this entire thing? The hope that I’ll get to see cuties like this:


But I gotta be honest. I’m not sure that even makes it better. Not 100%, at least.

Do you think Steeler fans are worse than most?  Or just more passionate?