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Exercise and Cookies

August 31st, 2011 18 comments

Wow, thanks for the feedback on yesterday’s post. You guys give some good advice! Now I just hope that if you’re ever in my shoes that you listen and take your own advice. ;)

I know in my heart that I have to just accept my slowness right now. Otherwise I’ll never be able to finish my longer runs and that’s just flat out unacceptable. I have to make every run a quality run. No junk miles for me.

In addition to starting to run again I’m also starting to teach again! One of the ladies at my gym had to leave indefinitely due to some medical issues and they were in a bind. So I’m teaching Group Power Tuesday and Thursday nights for the time being.


Tonight was my first night back and I am feelin the after burn!! I’m getting back in shape on all ends. The weight training can only help my running so it’s back to 100% training mode. I’m kinda excited. :)

I was also excited because I received my package from Jess and Amy’s Great Blog Sweet Swap! The container looked promising:


But look what was inside:


Cookies gone granola! Stupid fedex delivery man. I swear he was just jealous he wasn’t getting any of Shanna’s oatmeal butterscotch-choc chip cookies.

A few of the cookies were still intact:


But, honestly, it didn’t matter. These things were so good that I may or may not have gone at the “granola” with a spoon. I think the entire container lasted 2 days in our house?

Good thing I’m back to running and teaching…………..hehe. Seriously, what’s life without exercise and cookies? :)

How would you phrase that question? What’s life without ________ and _______?